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  • How much does it cost to build a tenseil structure canopy?
    Tensile structure's price vary depend on design. We make individual structural analysis and material take off for each quotation for our customer. The quoted prices are precise and will valid for 30 days. In general, the price of a tensile structure start out from 3,600 THB/m2 to 6,500 THB/m2. Figure above is an example of heavy steel frame used to put membrane into specific shape. The fixing points provided are few and span apart at far distance. The steel material used play big role in price. The canopy above cost 6,500 THB/m2 in average. Here's another example of very light and efficient structure. The span is wider and using the same membrane material but it cost only 3,600 THB/m2 to build. Usually, we will optimise our design for minimum cost and retain concept of light structure.
  • Do you supply outside of Thailand?
    YES, we do export tensile structure. ASEAN country such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Mynmar are exempted from import TAX ( 0% ) The parts that make canopy structure are pre-fabricated, A 1,500 m2 canpy can be put into one or two trucks The shipments are transported by land and will reach most ASEAN country in 2-3 days. For large canopy the installation will be done by our crew and some smaller project will be done by local labour with our supervision.
  • How long it will last ?
    We only choose and import the membrane materials specifily made for making tensile structure from the source that can trace back of their quality over 30 years. The membrane manufacturer will give 10 - 15 years of material warranty to end user. Then we carefully calculate for tension in the membrane not to exceed its limit and pick the right membrane type for you. Membrane use for tensile structure has top coat layers that will prevent the PVC from degrading. Our oldest one build in Thailand over 10 years are still in use and in good structural condition.
  • OK, I am interested in Tensile Structure, but how to get started ?"
    If you are direct user or developer, simply send us your information and requirements to us by e-mail. We will make design drawing and price quotation back to you in a few days. Plan drawing of existing building and sketch of canopy covering location and area. Photos of the installation site. Function of the building? eg. restaurant, sitting area, skylight, entrance shade. Location, town, country. If you do not have any of the information above, you simply appoint us for site visit and we will make survey and offer best option for you. For ASEAN country, site survey will cost 18,000 THB traveling fee.
  • I am an architect. Can you help integrating Tensile structure in my design?
    YES, most of our project are not stand alone membrane structure and usually combine/attach to other buildings. We can give consultancy, provide conceptual drawing, structural calcuation for fixing point and foundation at no cost. Soon will make design gallery for architect to log in and view sample design.

How to get start with tensile structure? Find it here.

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