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Site Survey Service

Accurate measurement is the key to success in construction work. Site survey plays major role in construction project especially those involve existing buildings. We provide site survey services that include 3D model generation.


  • Architecture/Interior designer can cooperate 3D model for their design immediately. No more drawing revisions to correct dimension error and give better picture of overall projects.

  • Structural engineer can use the 3D model for structural design, anchors point and foundation layout.

  • Landscape designer can use the 3D model of the plant surrounding job site and landscape design.

  • All works can be done in parallel.

Our service includes.

  • On site survey - anywhere in Thailand, mostly done in one day.

  • Highly detail survey of old building, land scape with trees and site under construction.

  • Create accurate 2D Plan and 3D model of the building. Submission within a few days after survey,

  • 3D Model can be in export in any format. DWG, DXF, SAT, IGES, MAX, BLEND, STL and more.

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