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Pushing the Limits: Evaluating the Accuracy of Laser Scanners in Harsh Environments

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Stadium survey site
Stadium survey site

In this example, we will do a survey with LiDAR scanner in the back side of a football stadium. The feature to be captured is only on the right side. Regular LiDAR scanner will have a hard time to capture and align the images and can cause drifting error. So, we hook up the scanner with RTK GNSS receiver to help with error correction and compare the result with the coordinate collect from RTK GNSS receiver directly.

As you can see my footprints on the point clouds, we walk and scan on the outside of the stadium only, 340 meters back and forth. The result point cloud still show detail of canopy structure and spot light pole that is 42 m height.

AI Assisted Model Creation
AI Assisted Model Creation

Next step, we would turn point cloud into 3D model using AI assisted software. This help us creat model fast with high detail and accurate.

The above photos are from the created model. We deliver this in many 3D file formats. Customer can open and use it right away in major 3D software such as AutoCAD, 3DsMax, SketchUp, Blender

Besides architectural use. We can also perform structural analysis from the scanned model. We can analyze member load (Mxyz, Fxyz, Vxyz) Deflection and reaction forces at support.

The given canopy has 11.4 meter extended from the column and result in 55mm deflection at max load (50 kg/m2)

This canopy was built with lower budget. The total steel use is only 13624 kg for 1500 m2 or 9 kg/m2 which is very light for a stadium canopy. Some bracing elements are missing so it won't carry full load capacity.

Besides from 3D model, we also provide Plan, Elevation and section drawings (with no dimension specified) Customer can edit and view directly in AutoCAD.

Back to the accuracy testing. We mark coordinate A and B with RTK GNSS receiver. A to B is the longest displacement in this survey. The result are follow.

Measured from drawing A -> B = 146.417 m

Measured from RTK GNSS Receiver A -> B = 146.412 m

There's only 5 mm variation between RTK GNSS receiver and scanner in such low feature and long straight-line scanning. The result is very accurate.

For sample file, please click in the link below for downloading.

Support file type

OBJ - Blender

SAT - Revit

DWG - AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup


3DS - Sketchup

IGS - Solid Works, Solid Edges

If you are interested in survey service with laser scanner, please contact us at

Tensile Creator Co.,Ltd. 081-926-5177 or chat with us at the chat box in lower right corner.

Promotion Price - Until FEB 2024

First 50 sq.m - 6,000 THB*

Above from 50 sq.m - 15 THB/m2*

eg. 35 m2 condominium room costs, 6,000 THB

200 m2 house costs 6,000 + 150 x 15 = 8,250 THB

4,000 m2 shopping mall 6,000 + 3500 x 15 = 58,500 THB

* Price excludes VAT and travelling fee.

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