Heritage Walk - First Community mall of Siem Reap - Cambodia

Back in July 2018, we made a large tensile structure to cover the sky light of a new shopping mall in Siem Reap. It's the first community mall, open air style designed by a local architecture.

I revisited this site again in October 2019. See how much have changed.

Back side entrance

I have worked with many community malls in Thailand before, but this one is truly unique. It composes of 5 floor levels with different contour and shape.

4th FLR with Cinema

This mall has unique large stair (Not an escalator) for occupancy to circle through each floor.

Ventilation is excellence, breeze of cold air can be felt in most area.

400mm Diameter center pole

The center pole of this tensile structure is 20m tall, it was really hard to get the column there.

Contour walk way

Good design for light, visibility and ventilation, Floor openings to be found many points on each floor.

Top Floor

Top floor is for catering and wedding ceremony.

4th FLR Pools

This area will soon become sky bar. There're 2 pools on this floor, I'm not sure what's the purpose of this pool but It looks alight for children pool.

Legend Cinema

Look like a walk into jungle.

Evening light at roof top

Main Entrance Stair

The entrance stair is amazing ! One of a kind.

In side the mall

Shop visibility is good. You will find Starbucks, Amazon Cafe on the ground floor.

Fountain Sclupture

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